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Подкрепете LooneyTools

12:00 11-4-2016

LooneyTools is a workshop, where metal details and other trash are transformed into beautiful pieces of art, which is also known as Junk Art.

It is founded by Chudomir Dragnev and Alexander Tsonev after the accidental encounter of Chudomir (while hitchhiking) with a Bulgarian businessman, who bought some of his first pieces, which itself helped him fund his first machine tools. After this fortunate start, Chudomir began developing his talent by creating art on his parents balcony while in the meantime he organized and took part in multiple international festivals and exhibitions, representing himself and his country.

LooneyTools is part of Culture lab - "a factory for urban art", which is a meeting point for creative people of all kinds.

Today Chudomir has four more people in his crew and works on joint projects as well as on his own.Being completely self-taught and not having the support of the Bulgarian art schools, he is shocked by his first acquaintance with their material base and education methods. His dream became to found a professional Junk Art School, where he can share his experience and ideas with young artistic people and make them familiar with world-famous contemporary authors and art trends.

In order to be able to fulfil this goal, LooneyTools needs financial help for the purchase of new welding machine, supercharger and to provide enough space, so that the variety of materials and methods used may be broaden and there are properly equipped working places.

Having the Junk Art School set up, the crew will have the ability to create unique art in a faster and better way, which can also take Bulgaria to the pole positions in the modern art trends and last but not least make the capital a more wonderful place.